Characteristics of UIS Products

Characteristics Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Color Coated Steel
Coils / Slits / Sheets
Coils / Slits / Sheets
0.20 mm to 3 mm
0.25 mm to 2 mm
762 mm to 1300 mm for Coils
600 mm to 1600 mm
35 mm to 1250 mm for Slits
35 mm to 1600 mm
1000 mm to 4000 mm for Sheets
1000 mm to 4000 mm for Sheets
Coil ID
508 mm
508 mm
Maximum Coil Weight
15 MT (Max)
15 MT (Max)
Zinc Coating / Type of Paints
Z-90 (G30), Z-120 (G40), Z-180 (G60)
RMP (Regular Modified Polyester)
Z-275 (G90), Z-350 (G115)
SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester)
SDP (Super Durable Polyester)
PVDF (Poly Vinyl Di-Fluroide)
Tension Leveled / Non Tension Leveled
Surface Finish
Regular Spangle / Mini Spangle /
Bright Finish, Matt Finsh
Suppressed Spangle (Skin Passed)
Semi Bright Finish
Surface Treatment
Cr+6 / Cr+3 Passivation
Thin Organic Coating
Applicable Standard
  • All other tailor made products can be processed after mutual agreement.
  • All other international standard as per mutual agreement.
    UIS is committed to maintain highest standard of Quality and Commitment towards all customers.

Applicable Standards

Quality Parameter Applicable Standards for Galvanized and Prepainted Products
Commercial Quality
Chemical Composition
ASTM A653 / A653M-15 / ASTM A 755
JIS G3302-2010
EN 10346:2015/EN 10169
Drawing Quality
Mechanical Properties
CS Type A, B, C, FS Type A, B, DDS
EN 10346:2015
Structural Grades
Chemical Composition
ASTM A653 / A653M-15
JIS G3302-2010
EN 10346:2015
Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties
SS33 (230), SS37 (255), SS40 (275)
SS50 (340) Class 1, 2, 3, 4, SS80 (550) Class 1, 2
Dimensional Tolerances
ASTM A924 / A924M-16
EN 10346:2015/EN 10169

UIS is committed to high standards of quality and assurance towards customers and all stake holders.

Research & Testing Facilities at United Iron & Steel Company

Packaging – Galvanized Steel

UIS offers its product with effective packaging as per customers’ requirements and in compliance with international norms. Emphasis is placed to ensure durability, prevention of any damage during transportation and better storage. UIS, with experienced professionals and benchmarking with various national and international companies endeavors to improve packaging in accordance with changing customer needs.

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