Cutting Edge Technology

Push Pull Pickling Line – Capacity: 400,000 MT PA

  • Turbo flow technology ensures effective cleaning of rust and rolling scale
  • Pickling is supported by an efficient acid re-generation plant to reduce fresh acid consumption

Cold Rolling Mill – Capacity: 300,000 MT PA

  • High Speed @ 1200 MPM, 4HI Reversible Cold Mill supplied by Danieli Wean United, Italy
  • Cold Mill comes with a Hydraulic AGC (Auto Gauge Control) ensuring close control thickness (within +/- 5 microns)
  • Non-contact type X-Ray Gauges for thickness measurement with very high accuracy High level of Flatness control through tension control, Load Control and mass Flow control

Hot Dip Galvanizing Line – Capacity: 250,000 MT PA

  • State of the Art CGL supplied by Danieli wean, Italy. It is a HR -CR combo Galvanizing Line
  • Horizontal NON-OX furnace
  • Zinc Pot supplied by AJAX, USA with Induction Heaters
  • On line 4HI Skin Pass Mill
  • On line Tension leveler for improved shape / Flatness
  • Patented technology from France for mini / Zero spangles
  • Online Chem coater for CR+3 / CR+6 Passivation and for Thin Organic Coating

Pre-Painted Galvanizing Line- Capacity: 150,000 MT PA

  • Pre-Painted Galvanizing Line (PPGI) was commissioned in January 2019
  • Galvanized/Galvalume/Aluminium coils can be used as a substrate
  • Can supply RMP (Regular Modified Polyester), SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester), SDP and PVDF
  • UIS Color product conforms to ASTM/JIS and EN Norms as per requirements of customers and end application

Cut-To-Length Line – Capacity: 125,000 MT PA

  • Provide sheet requirements with high level of accuracy
  • Sheet sizes from 500 mm to 4,000 mm

Slitting Line – Capacity: 125,000 MT PA

  • Cater required slit sizes with high level of dimensional accuracy
  • Slit sizes from 35 mm to 1,250 mm

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